Kim HyunJoong will be admitted to hospital!

‘Yoon JiHoo’ Kim HyunJoong will be admitted to hospital on 03-Apr to receive treatment and rest at the same time. Kim HyunJoong who acts in KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ had completed his filming for the drama on 29-Mar. Kim HyunJoong will finish all his pre-arranged schedules including CF filming till 02-Apr and be admitted to the hospital.

Kim HyunJoong met up with an accident not long ago and suffered side-effects arising from it, however due to his busy schedules, he was not able to receive full treatment for it. In addition, he did not have sufficient rest, thus his condition is not good. Kim HyunJoong will stop almost all his activities by April to rest and concentrate on recovering his body.

Company DSP Media representative said to Newsen on 30-Mar through a telephone conversation “Drama filming ends on 29-Mar. The other outstanding schedules will be completed by 02-Apr and he will go to the hospital to receive treatment.”Kim HyunJoong acts for the role Yoon JiHoo in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ who is a member of F4 and render love for female character Geum JanDi (Goo HyeSun). His role is very popular among female fans.

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Check this! Very useful, trendy & cool!

I want it!! I wonder where you can buy them...?



I just started watching the anime Skip-Beat! & fell in love with it!
Right now, I'm up to date. Aahh, when is episode 25 coming?

Skip-Beat! (スキップ・ビート! ,Sukippu Bīto!?) is a Japanese shōjo manga by Yoshiki Nakamura. It is the story of Kyoko Mogami (最上 キョーコ ,Mogami Kyōko?) a 17-year-old girl who discovers that her childhood friend and romantic goal, Sho Fuwa, only keeps her around to act as a maid and earn his living expenses, as he works his way to become the top pop idol in Japan. Furious and heart broken, she vows to get revenge by beating him in show business.

It began as a manga in 2002, then they made an anime 2008 (still in making) & now I've read they're gonna make a Taiwan-drama of this story! (Extravagant Challenge) Not only that, Jerry Yan (Yeaaah, from Meteor Garden) & Ariel Lin (from It Started with a kiss) will headline this new production!!!!!

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Skip-Beat! amv:
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Amazing sheep LED art

In one of the funnest examples of merging animals with technology yet, these herders took to the hills of Wales to create huge sheep-driven LED displays. Baaaad ass! It's blatantly a commercial (for Samsung LEDs), but hey - if that's what it takes to get those crazy next-level herding abilities displayed, I'm all for it. The sheep reenact a game of Pong, fireworks, and line up to form a pretty dead on representation of the Mona Lisa.


Cute eating animals.

My friends cat died today... So sad, but I've got a video to cheer her up!


LTNF! What's hot?

LTNF, Long Time No Fashion!
So this blog is about... guess what, FASHION!

What's hot right now?!

- Kayne West Galactic Sneakers

- Kayne West - Louis Vuitton Sneakers

- Nike Air Troupe Dance Sneakers

- Powder-pink clothes (as a second skin)
- Nude coloured shoes

- Nude lips

- Everything, it gives a powerful-looking sexy touch, it's retro & irresistable!

I love the Leopard-print-clothes in this mv:

This look is very popular in celebrity-world.
- Nice (light) short jeans

- Fringed Boots
- Wrinkled Boots

- Tom Ford Sunglasses (quality babe)

- Nude coloured Pumps

- Detailed Pump/with ribbons etc.
(The normal/Clean Pumps are só boring now)

- The shiny silver Pumps!

- Simple, high taille

- Cute, detailed, colourful