So... What's flyjumping?

Here's a demonstration-video:

Flyjumping is basically said: Jumping with these stilts.
(They also call it bounching)

It's really popular right now.
Here's another cool video:

Some people train in a gym:

They're faster than Roller blades! More fun than a skateboard and you can jump 6 feet in the air! They're the new generation in FUN. You may also know them from other sellers as PoweriZers, Powerisers, Power Stilts, Jumping stilts, Power Skips, Velocity stilts, Fly Jumpers, Rooshoes, Powerbocking . Whatever you've heard, this is the genuine article built to last.

Imagine, being able to jump 6 feet in the air and leap in 9-foot strides! Everyone wants a pair of these wild new jumping shoes/stilts! It's a great form of physical exercise and you will feel those calories burning off, plus you'll be the coolest on the block! Build stronger legs, get fit, burn calories and have fun.... Jumping stilts are the next extreme sport and ultimate exercising product. Quickly becoming the next craze all over the world. Be very careful not to buy cheap imitations. We hope you enjoy your flyjumping stilts and remember to wear safety equipment at all times.

For a good tutorial, click here: x


You can even buy them in the Netherlands!
But they're quite expensive...
About 180 euro .__.

Last video of Poweriser Snowteam Europe in Paris: