So... What's Haduri ?

Haha, I like this...

Haduri is a webcam program that allows you to edit your pics (the lighting, etc.) to look nicer, brighter etc. and you can use it to take moving pics aka Gifs.

I heard that the name of this programm also means a "sexual position"! O__O
Anyway, Haduri has been tremendously popular for years now among koreans, and is now being dowloaded by foreigners even outside korea, because it's simply A LOT OF FUN!!

You need a webcam!
It won't work on Macintosh and if you have Windows Vista, it may give some problems..
It is also hella complicated for those who can't understand Korean, but I've found these nice tutorials & translations (video!):

Here is the site: x
Say thanks to this girl who made this tutorial here: x

These are so cute: