Bento !

Lunchboxes in Japan are called Bento's !
Some mothers in Japan are really creative with making them.
Watch these examples:
Aaaaah I like this one, so cute! <3>
Hello Kitty for life, it's so sweet ^o^
I wish my mum made this for me. But in Holland we just bring some bread to school to eat. =.= So boring. If you come with something else, they're all like: What the hell did you brought? So bento's are kinda abnormal in the Netherlands. (for bringing it to school)

Blueee... Makes me so hungry :o

Space! xD
Giraffe! A friend of mine loves these animals. I should make one for her :p
No, joking... I'm not that skilled.
Eating a frog sounds disgusting, but this one might be okay !

Ahaha, cool & creepy.
That's all. I've been really busy lately so my blog is kinda short. Sorry! I hope you enjoyed these pictures.