Make-up transformations to ULZZANGS!

I got these pics from a friend of mine. Here the before and after pictures:

She looks a bit like Michelle Phan on the after-photo.

This one's scary...

The first one was the most drastic one O__O

1. Circle lenses.

2. Concealer & BB cream.

3. Powder.

4. Double eyelid tape.

5. Eyeshadow, mascara, false eye-lashes...

6. Liquid eye-liner and false under-lashes.

7. Line the inner corners of your eyes.

8. Put some white shimmer in the corner of your eyes.

9. Create shadows and bring your nose higher.

10. Highlight your nose & put on some pink blush.

Put ur hair down and put on a nice dress. Time for pic's.

PS: this is not me :P