Big Bang - Boys Before Flowers parody

Big Bang, transformation into "Boys Over Flowers" (aka "Hana Yori Dango")

Male lead Tsukasa/Goo Joong Pyo is acted by TOP; Rui/Yoon Ji Hoo, friend of Tsukasa and always supporting of him, is acted by G-Dragon; and Akira/Song Woo Bin and Sojiro/So Yi Jung are played by Seungri and Taeyang respectively. The female lead Tsukushi/Geum Jan Di is played by Daesung and is expected to give great laughter to the fans.

Big Bang said, "Because we are not pretty boys, we thought it would be fun to act out the roles of pretty boys. At first, it was very awkward, but because of Daesung, who's playing the female role, we were able to film with laughter and fun the entire time.

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