Watch "She's the man" online.

Today, some of my classmate hired a dvd called "She's the man".
Because today is the last schoolday with lessons, we were allowed to watch it. (starting tomorrow, we'll have a testsweek and after it.... --> VACATION!)
But I had to finish my geography-essay about Korea and I missed a big part.

I wanted to watch the full movie...
So I searched on the internet (for almost 30 minutes) to watch this movie online.
I was very suprised, there were many fake-sites where you couldn't watch at all or where you have to pay or with virusses.

But I finally found it and watched it!
So people who want to watch this movie and can't find the link to it, here it is:

(sorry, it's from megavideo, so after you watched for 72 minutes, you'll have to wait 40 minutes. I know, it's ridiculous)

Great movie! Watch it for sure :)



Can't eat with chopsticks? NO PROBLEM!

Are you having problems with eating with chopsticks in an Asian restaurant? Don't worry, Someone came with this idea!

Haha, I'm sure they're gonna look at you like this --> O__O when you do this, but it's woth trying. xD

Luckily I don't need this xP



Folding Art

The German Simon Schubert made this very creative piece of art without using any paint. He just made it by folding!! O___O

Check out his website: [x]