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I seriously died when I saw this XD


Japanese Hime Phone Decoration

My dad is gonna give me his blackberry! (And he's getting a Samsung Galaxy S!) But! His one looks so boring. I really want to decorate it hime-style and I've been searching a long time on sites like: http://www.strapya-world.com/
But I think buying a nice skin is the easiest thing.
So I've been searching for cute hime (princess style) bling bling mobile-skins and I've found so many!

Slideshow starts at 5:18

I fell in love with: 5:44, 6:00, 6:36 (!!!), 7:46 (Nintendo DS)

I want a pink/white/black/gold with a lot of bling bling, but unfortunately the blackberry is BLUE =.=
Not that I don't like blue, but where in the world can I find a blue hime-style blackberry skin?
I mean, hime = pink! I mean, look at this! (This girl makes cute pink hime stuff everyday) o.o

So crazy... but so lovely... and PINK <3
I think having such a room is practically not very useful. Every time you touch something, you've to be sooo careful. =.=

Okay, back to the subject...
Later I found this web-shop with the most drop gorgeous phone-skins ever!!!!!
Here some I LOVE SO MUCH:

Chanel *o*

But the problem is... this is for Iphone, not for blackberry.
My dad actually wanted to buy the new Iphone 4 for me, but I refused because he already got me a new camera and I didn't want him to spend too much money on me.

The second thing is... the price o.o
Omg, so expensive! I think you can get such nice ones in Asia for 1/10 the price!

My friend said this is a nice one:

But I dunno, nog really what I had in mind.
I was thinking about something like this:

I think I'm gonna search for a nice one in China, since I'm visiting my family there this winter.
So I just need a little patience.


Make-up transformations to ULZZANGS!

I got these pics from a friend of mine. Here the before and after pictures:

She looks a bit like Michelle Phan on the after-photo.

This one's scary...

The first one was the most drastic one O__O

1. Circle lenses.

2. Concealer & BB cream.

3. Powder.

4. Double eyelid tape.

5. Eyeshadow, mascara, false eye-lashes...

6. Liquid eye-liner and false under-lashes.

7. Line the inner corners of your eyes.

8. Put some white shimmer in the corner of your eyes.

9. Create shadows and bring your nose higher.

10. Highlight your nose & put on some pink blush.

Put ur hair down and put on a nice dress. Time for pic's.

PS: this is not me :P


Wanna be 43kg.

School started today and I suddenly felt like blogging. This time I'm gonna talk about losing weight.

Sometimes I watch a korean drama and the girl in the drama looks so tall, but when I look at their profile on dramawiki, the actress isn't tall at all! For example: I watched "Cinderella's Sister" (awesome drama, must watch!) and I thought that Song Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young) was really tall. But she's only 162cm! That's about the same length as me :O But her weight is 43kg!

Most female celebrity's have a Body Mass Index from 16 or 17, but that's considered "skinny". But most models, actresses, singers are like that and all clothes look so beautiful on them.
I wanna be 43kg! But when I say it here (the Netherlands), everybody's looking at me as if I'm crazy. In Asia they like very slim women (read this omg) and here they like normal/curvy more.

I've seen so many ways to lose weight... From special diets (like the grapefruit diet, the apple diet, the famous lemon detox diet, the egg diet... etc.) to slimming pills. And from slimming wraps to magnetic slimming toe-rings.

Never tried any of this. I think they might work, but are not very good for ur body or comfortable.
I think this is the best:
- No sweets.
- Drink a lot of water, green tea & white tea.
- No food before sleep.
- Eat little by little & slow.
- Exercise: Dance (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Lee Hyori), Fitness, Zumba, Jogging, Jumping rope, Hoolahooping, etc.

Here some leg-exercises for when ur bored ^___^


Ohyea, almost forgotten,,,
These pic's might help with your motivation xp
[worked for me]