This blog is about ulzzangs.
What are Ulzzangs actually?

짱 (jjang): Korean slang that means "best." Ulzzang means "best face" in Korean and the word is used both online and in real life. Basically, an ulzzang is someone who has a very attractive face, but most people use the term to describe people who have become popular for their looks.

The ulzzang craze started in South Korea. Many ulzzang wannabes post up their pictures on various websites, and voting and chatting can be done on many of them. Contests, both online and in real life, are often used to pick the best ulzzangs, but you do not necessarily need to enter or win. Some ulzzangs, however, have not relied solely on the internet. For example, some have gained popularity at school for being attractive. Most ulzzangs, however, use the internet to share their photos, and that is how many become popular.

Many ulzzangs use Haduri, which is a web camera program popular among teens in Korea. People also take normal or digicam pictures. Some even use Photoshop to edit themselves. Fakers don't make it far, and they usually get busted. The most famous ulzzangs may earn celebrity status. Some ulzzangs may even become real celebrities by going into acting, singing, or modeling careers.

Two examples of former ulzzangs are Goo Hye Sun and Park Han Byul.

The two most known zzang categories:
Ulzzang/얼짱: Based on the face. 얼굴 (ŏlgul) means "face" in Korean.
Momzzang/몸짱: Based on the body. 몸 (mom) means "body" in Korean.

"Ulzzang" with "zz" is the most common way it's written out in English on ulzzang websites. Variations on romanization include eoljjang, uhljjang, uljjang, and so on.

Some people say ulzzangs are asians who want to be like white people, but in my opinion, ulzzangs are asians that want to look cute, pretty & dolly like the manga-personages. They make pictures with cute poses and wear asian fashion. You've to watch out you're nog going overboard with the cuteness. Or else it will become scary. But most of them look really sweet. I don't like the fact that a "plastic surgery" trend is going to start. That's too much... The circle lenses are maybe ok, but not so good for your eyes. (and they're not ok when it hurts!) I don't really care... As long as they're happy ^o^

Circle lenses:
Most of them use the first black one.
It's to make your eyes look a lot BIGGER!
They're quit expensive too... But you can wear most for a whole year.
When you buy cicle lenses you'll have to watch out for fake ones.
They'll ruin your eyes.

There're also people who are saying ulzzang are asian emo's.
I don't agree with that.
Maybe the looks are alike, but ulzzang don't like pain & being depressed and such. (That's what I know about emo's, bad bad. ^^') Ulzzangs & emo's are totally different in my opinion. Ulzzangs are more, how to say..., cute & dolly. This look is not only for asians, a lot of white people try circle lenses as well.

I like this ulzzang look, but not the extreme ones that look really fake!

What do you think?

Here is a extreme video of a metamorfose, how this ugly girl changed into a cutie:

This is how she looks now: (CUTE!!)

It's kinda; asian cute, improved, pretty emo look haha.

You want your own Ulzzang-picture? (TIPS)

1. Put your index finger/ pinky on the corner of you lip.
2. Open your eyes as big and wide as possible. Even though your eyes are loaded with eyelid crease glue, fake eyelash glue, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, AND abnormally large contacts, OPEN THEM.
3. Make your lips as small and thin as possible. Doing this makes your eyes look bigger. Make your lips a half pout, half smile. Skin-coloured-lipstick is very stuitable for this.
4. Don't take the picture yet. Grab all the lamps and fan lights in sight and position it so that your face is illuminately white.
5. Now take a really close up picture, side angle. Remember, SIDE ANGLE. To make your eyes look even larger than they already are, position the camera above eye level so that you are looking up at the camera.
6. Take the picture!

EDIT: (please, don't overdo it!)
Ok, after you took the picture you CAN edit it, to make it more beautiful. You can also not edit it to keep it more naturally. :D
1. Load your picture onto the computer, and open photoshop.
2. Make your skin even whiter.
3. Make your eyes even darker.
4. Make your eyes bigger and better.
5. Use the heal button overexcessivley. Now Congratulations! You now have your own ulzzang-picture!

This ulzzang look is not for girls only.
There are many ulzzang boys as well!

Okay that's it.
This look is great.
I want it too, but I'm to busy to put so much make-up every day xD
Maybe during holiday or something.
And where the hell can I get these circle lenses in the Netherlands?
Hmmm... I'll just stay naturally... ^o^

Thanks for reading my blog!


I do not own all of the information, because I made this blog for people who don't know about this subject.


  1. Waaaah I love this <333

  2. Aw, I wish I was asian and can get this look. Their hair and skin are beautiful! So cute.

  3. omfg. je bent Nederlands? XD
    en je kan volgens mij geen circle lenses hier vinden?

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  5. I'm from Norway(so *I'm white), my hair is bround-blond but I wanna color it black, then I maybe would look asian, a little bit mor atleast :P :D

    I love asian fashion, so when I grow up I wanna move to South-Korea:)

  6. So.
    If a white person looks like an ulzzang, they're an asian wannabe?
    I'm sorry, but I think that's wrong of you. I see...black emo/scene kids all the time, but they don't want to be white. They're happy being black! A white ulzzang isn't a wannabe, they just like the fashion. ;-;

  7. Wow.
    I am totally sorry, I misread what you said.
    I didn't see the &.
    My apologies. ^_^
    Please forgive me~

  8. Leuke blog! , I <3 ulzzang..
    Ik heb ook al btje rondgevraagt enzo of je circle lensen in stunky nederland kan krijgen maar tot zo ver nog geen succes =[!

    >_< annyways , good job!

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  12. Um, what? All these asian girls want to look white. I'm asian and I can't stand girls like you wear colored contacts, you ARE trying to look white. When's the last time you saw a white person want to look asian? Never. They have all great features naturally..

  13. i'm asian
    i guess we just like clear white skin
    like those who like tans

  14. I think you´re wrong Anoneiem zei, there are white people ho want to look asian, like me, I´m european, but I really want to have asian eys, dark hair and more ^w^ but i still like how i look =) evryone like what they like...

    sorry for my crappy english, I´m still learning it...

    and sorry... this comentar is maby 4months late ^^

  15. aahh why do they have to look so adorable???

    S0 cute, i wish i could look that sweet ^-^!!!

    but most of their features are fake :(

  16. wahhh im so jelousss

  17. nice :) im gonna repost on my fb. ill credit you of course. take care

  18. they're so cute<3 I like both ulzzangs boys and girls. I'm latina but I really like that style. Thanks for the post!

  19. Okay, I'm Asian and I do like Asian music (mostly Korean) and I also like Asian dramas and etc.

    But what I find really weird, among Asians, is that Asian "overdo" the cuteness so that it becomes rather...scary. And what's even scarier is that we (Asians) can't understand why other races find this overdo of cuteness weird and kind of scary.

    Like that girl in the video. She looked really terrible on the before picture, but why on earth would you think that the result was cute? I personally think that it looked really scary, and the transformation was even scarier. What the heck was so cute about it? All I could see was a slightly unattractive and very insecure girl who wanted to become pretty, but became scary instead.

    Speaking of scary, Asians point of view on what's pretty, cute and attractive is kind of scary. I'm not saying that all Asians think like that, but those "typical" Asians has the scariest opinion on what's attractive.

    Oh well, long comment, haha. No offense to anyone, btw :)

  20. i like it.
    it's so fake.
    but i like it xD

  21. it is so cute. i am only 25% korean but i wish i was more. that way i would have more features that would make this look even cuter on me. I haven't tried this though, yet. I really do love everything south korean. i want to move there someday.

  22. * Hi!
    This is interesting:D so I commented here hehe=D
    Isn't this fzl ?? because the style looked same so I wondered.. could you tell me it ''ulzzang'' and ''fzl'' same thing?? kinda confusing ... haha^^

  23. i love it<33 i think its not possible for me to look so cute... BUT ILL KEEP ON TRYING :D!! im european and not ashamed of it!!! well thats what i try to think >_> id love to be white~~~<333

  24. OMG! i want to try this so badly!! im 100% asian(chinese), and i've been into asian music, fashion, and food,(natually) im not sure if i want to get the circle lenses, maybe i'll use make up instead. yea, some of the "cuteness" goes overboeard and becomes scary!! however, i like it cute and simple. :)