South-Korean Culture

South Korea, the place of the famous drama's, the Ulzzangs & Kimchi! (Right now & based on what I've seen :p)
I'm so interested in their culture! I'm doing my History & Geography - essays both about Korea.
I've even read the whole wikipedia-page about Korea O.O [in Dutch]
It's crazy I know xD I really want to go there. :D

People tell me a lot of things about Korea. My geography-teacher told me it's a really bad situation in Noth-Korea. He even said: 'It's like a jail!' I've seen awful pictures o.o

Anyway, the culture of North- & South-Korea must be really different from eachother, so that's why I split it & I only blog about South-Korea's culture ^o^

Things I've read about the S-Korean Culture:
- Korean women don't change their name when they mary.
- Gender: The first choice is (still) a guy.
- It's rude to call older people by their name. You'll have to call them "older brother/sister" or "aunt/uncle" Even to people you don't know. (Same with me, I'm chinese =D)
- Koreans see every western person as an American. (That's what I've read. Lolz)
- Korean women love to look young, innocent & use a lot of cosmetic products. (Ulzzang? ^__^)
- Plastic surgery is popular in Korea.
- The rain in Korea seems sour & is nog quite ehh.. healthy. So umbrella's can't be missed there!
- Koreans sleep very little: 5-6 houres! In the Netherlands they sleep minimal 8 houres! (I sleep 6 houres haha)
- Koreans study really hard. Education is very important. (I've also read somewhere they have no social life? But that's probably not true. Education is very important to me to.)
- Korean Courtship: First dating for a month, then kiss & after a half year sex. (Here it's like: dating for a few days, kiss during the date & have sex whenever they want =.= No, I'm just kidding :p)
- If you go with the taxi, you've to say the name of a building near your destination. Don't say the name of the street. (In China it's like that to. Here in the Netherlands you'll have to say the name of the street)
- If a baby's just born, his/her age is: 1. (Also in China, so I'm 16! ^__^)
- Korean names are soooo alike. (Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Hyung Joon)
- The most common names there are 'Kim', 'Lee' & 'Park'.
- Korea has 5 business groups / chaebols which determine a large part of the Korean Economy. (Example: Hyundai) (Aaah, that's the reason for ShinWa Group in boys before flowers)
- Every 14th of the month is a special day in Korea.
14 Februari - Valentine's Day (the girls give their boyfriend chocolate)
14 March - White Day (the boys give their girlfriend chocolate)
14 April - Black Day (whom didn't get anything are gonna eat noodles in a restaurant) (Me =.=)
14 May - Roses Day (the boys give their girlfriend roses)
14 Juni - Hug Day... and so it keeps going...
- You don't wear shoes/footwear inside house. In many restaurants you'll be expected to remove them (That's quite normal for me :o)
- It's rude to blow your nose in public. (In my opinion to, that's so disgusting xD I hate it when they do that during class O__O)
- Kimchi is present at each meal! (Aaah, I really want to taste that!)
- They respect elders much.
- They bow when they greet.
- You pass & take with both your hands. It's rude if you don't.
- Everyone in South-Korea has a Handy! (Which you can fold xD)
- I've read: Koreans hate America! O__O Don't know if it's true. Maybe it's because of Bush saying "North-Korea is the axis of evil". And maybe because of the short-track-story.
- But Koreans (youngers) love the American style.
- Vaccinations: Nothing compulsory but it is recommended that your vaccinations for polio, hepatitis A, typhoid and tetanus are up to date. The medical services in Korea are very good but medical bills can be high. All travellers should have a good medical insurance.

Here's a korean mobile-commercial (anycall, with Lee Hyori & Lee Junki):

If you know more about the Korean Culture & interesting things, please let me know :D

Today is the day of my second vaccination... Sigh... =.=


  1. mmm i know that it's rude watching to the eyes to older people like my fathers when talking.
    Couples don't kiss in streets xDDD unless they are "oficial" (do you remember in BOF when JGP got off of the car and then kissed GJD? that's why that scene was so :O

  2. OMG i found something that i read few months ago: http://www.koreanwiz.org/understand.html
    You will learn more about SK ^_^

  3. One more to share, Koreans are now studying Enlgish language in Philippines because its cheap there and also they put up business now there..^^