Jeans trend 2009

Here it is, the jeans trend of 2009:

Bootleg jeans are basics and you can wear them very long. These jeans make your legs look longer, because they bring your hips in balance.
Jeans, Hilfiger Denim, €149,95 2. Jeans, Otto, €49,90 3. Jeans, Hilfiger Denim €129,95

Skinny jeans are old now, but stil HOT!
Jeans, Gestuz, €109,95 4. Jeans, Cheap Monday, €49,95 5. Jeans, Circle of Trust, €69,95

Flare jeans look the best if you have long legs. These make your hips look smaller. To create "the perfect figure" you should wear high heels with it :) [not the terrible ones in my other blog of course! :p ]
Jeans, Take Two, €149,95 8. Jeans, MAVI, €79,95 9. Jeans, AJC, €39,99

The hippest jeans of this moment is 'the boyfriend jeans for girls'!
It's perfect for feminine curves: full hips, legs and slender taille. You can wear these jeans casual with boots, sneakers, ballerina's or high heels. Boyfriend Jeans are cut a bit looser than most jeans so they'll skim your curves rather than clinging to them. A Boyfriend Jeans style with a baggy, straight leg, will suit pretty much everyone - worn low these can be very sexy!
Jeans, Levi, €99,95 10. Jeans, Joe Browns, €69,99 12. Jeans, Mustang €79,95

Even though every magazine and newspaper is pushing skinny jeans as the must have of the moment the simple fact of the matter is that not everyone looks good in a pair of skintight jeans. Another style that is far more forgiving is the boyfriend cut which is tight around the rear but relaxed in the legs. The best ones around at the moment are Yanuk Worker Boyfriend (see above), Hudson Boyfriend and Miss Sixty Perkins.

Ripped jeans: These are also cool!

But today, I saw a hole in my jeans and I said: 'Hmm.. I think it's supposed to be like that.' (ripped jeans)
Then a schoolmate (girl) said: 'No, it's like that because your legs are just thick/fat!' (in a bitchy way)
That's so mean! I was deeply hurt TT^TT

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